For this session of Vermont Game Developers, we had two tech tutorials and two show-and-tells. Here is the video and some highlights.

  • Talk 1: Aaron Morton demonstrates how to use Unity animations to make your user interfaces pop!

  • Talk 2: Jeff Sprenger shows how to use Rhino 3D to do some 3D modeling. It’s very different from the modeling I’m used to with a big emphasis on math and curves.

  • Show and tell (slot 1): Magic wand demo by me, Shane Celis.

  • Show and tell (slot 2): Pizza Underground by Scott Ethington and Phil Wellheuser.

  • Show and tell (slot 3): Unfilled.

  • Show and tell (slot 4): Ran out of time.

If you have a talk idea, please feel free to email me (shane.celis at and Jeff (jeff at We’re trying to get one step of ahead of the next meeting.

And here’s a link to the previous talk by Marguerite Dibble.

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