My first live-recorded Mockup Monday! Recorded at the Vermont Game Developers meetup.

Little back story to this mockup: My wife and I went to The Wizarding World at Universal Studios in Florida. We picked up some of their awesome collectible wands. Unfortunately there is only one place on Earth that you can actually use these wands. Until now. Watch me demo some spell casting with a wand using a Leap Motion.

For those interested in how I’m doing the spell detection, here’s the Unistroke library I used. Their paper on it is actually very readable. There are plenty of implementations of the library for other languages but none for Unity, so I wrote one. I may release it as an asset. Ping me if you’re interested in a prerelease.

I’ve used a different implementation of this unistroke library before for a different application—an Emacs for iPhone—but have yet to put the polish into releasing that.

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