For this Vermont Game Developers meetup, Marguerite Dibble talks through the adventure of starting and independent studio from the ground up. We’ll explore funding options, management strategies, and how to make sure that your studio accomplishes its goals in the unpredictable and erratic world of game development.

Learning objectives:

• What it takes to survive as an independent studio

• The nitty gritty of managing day to day

• Understanding your goals and managing towards them

Bio: Marguerite Dibble graduated from Champlain College‘s game development program in 2012 and dove head first into entrepreneurship by starting a game development studio in Burlington, Vermont. She has spent the past 3 years balancing quality of life, employee’s livelihoods, job satisfaction, and artistic justification. From running a successful kickstarter, to producing a #1 Board Game on iOS, and considering the pros and cons of outside investment, the past two years as an indie CEO have been an immense learning experience that she’s excited to share.

If you missed our last talk, see it here.

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