We had our first very successful Vermont Game Developers meetup! I was really impressed by the turnout. I think it was thirty plus. We had initially hoped for twelve-ish.

A video of the talk is available on youtube. Here are the slides for my talk. Some highlights:

In the future, we’ll aim to have four 5-minute show-and-tell slots available on a first-come first-serve basis. This is your chance to share what you’re working on with the group or a cool tool you’ve found.

Some really good ideas were brought up during the meeting. Here are a few that probably should be followed up on:

Our next Vermont Game Developers meetup has been scheduled. Marguerite Dibble will be speaking about starting an indie game studio! Please RSVP so we’ll know whether we ought to seek a bigger venue. Farrell Hall seemed adequate for the talk but mingling was a little cramped. Great to meet everyone!

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