This week I focused on refactoring Quadrapus Sumo such that I could easily load new characters. One problem, I only had two characters that were the exact same except for their color. So I made some more.

  • Mr. Red is the original quadrapus uniform and symmetric. He’s Mario in Super Mario Cart.

  • Mr. Blue has a crab-like appearance with large forelegs and smaller hindlegs. For some reason his left eye is kind of wonky, right now.

  • Dr. Green was an attempt to do a frog with large hindlegs but it may have turned out more like a grasshopper.

  • Ms. Orange was intended to be a giraffe but due to the way the joint axes were rotated it ended up looking like a squid, which I kind of like.

Next week I hope to show some new control schemes that use just two or even one finger to control a quadrapus instead of four fingers.

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