I built a mini arcade cabinet that I wanted to share for this Mockup Monday. It comes as a kit offered by Ryan Bates of RetroBuiltGames.com. It was a lot of fun to put together. It runs old games and ROMs out of the box, but I’d really like to use it as a demo station for my own game. That’s a little tricky though because Quadrapus Sumo requires a Leap Motion. So I’m going to attempt to modify it with Ryan’s help.

Aside from changing the front panel, I’ll also have to swap out some of the guts to do this. The kit is uses a Raspberry Pi but Leap Motion doesn’t support ARM chips on Linux yet. So I’ll be swapping an Intel Atom board in instead.

I also chatted with Tilt: Classic Arcade and Ale House about hosting locally made games. They said, YES! So hopefully in the not too distant future, you might see locally made games there. I’ll certainly keep everyone posted as details unfold and will probably try to organize an event in coordination with the Vermont Game Developers group.

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