Twitter commands in the inspector

Tweet a message, screenshot, or GIF from within your game.

This is mainly meant for a developer to showcase their new features or bugs. If one wants to use this functionality as a part of their game proper where the players can tweet, please register an app with twitter and set the consumerKey and consumerSecret.

Public Member Functions

IEnumerator PermitTweets ([Current] Minibuffer m)
 Command twitter-authorize: Authorize through twitter. More...
string TwitterWhoAmI ()
 Command : What account is authorized?
IEnumerator Tweet ([Prompt("Message: ")] string message)
 Command : Tweet a message. More...
IEnumerator TweetScreenshot ([Prompt("Screenshot message: ")] string message, [UniversalArgument] bool useLastScreenshot)
 Command : Tweet a screenshot. More...
IEnumerator TweetGIF ([Prompt("GIF message: ")] string message, [UniversalArgument] bool useLastGIF)
 Command : Tweet a GIF. More...
IEnumerator TweetWithMedia ([Prompt("Message: ")] string message, [Prompt("Media: ", completer="file")] string filename)
 Command : Tweet a message with a media file. More...
void DeleteAccessInfo ()
 Command twitter-preferences-delete: Delete twitter authorization information. More...