Open commands in the inspector

Open commands.

These commands "open" a URL or buffer using the OS facilities that Unity exposes. One can open a URL, a path, a buffer in a text editor, and a buffer in a web browser.

Note that M-x open-buffer-in-browser will Markdown the buffer before opening unless C-u is used.

Note: Opening a path, does not "open" it in Minibuffer. It hands it off the OS to "open" it.

All of open's commands are static methods. One might wonder why then is the Open class not static? The reason is that by making Open a MonoBehaviour it is easy to include or exclude its commands by enabling or disabling it in the Unity Inspector window.

Static Public Member Functions

static void URL ([Prompt("URL: ", history="url")] string url)
 Command open-url: Open a URL using the OS facilities. More...
static void BufferAsURL ([Current] IBuffer b)
 Command open-buffer-in-text-editor: Write current buffer to a temp file then open it. More...
static void Path ([Prompt("Path: ", completer="file", input="$data/")] string path)
 Command open-path: Open a given path using the OS facilities. More...
static void BufferAsHtmlURL ([Current] IBuffer b, [UniversalArgument] bool dontMarkdown)
 Command open-buffer-in-browser: Show current buffer as HTML. More...