KeyboardMacros in the inspector

Record your key strokes and play them back.

Public Member Functions

void StartMacro ()
 Command start-macro: Start keyboard macro recording. More...
void EndMacro (bool showWarning=true)
 Command end-macro: Stop a keyboard macro recording. More...
void EndAndCallMacro (KeyboardMacro macro=null)
 Command end-and-call-macro: Stop a keyboard macro recording and execute it. More...
string PauseMacro ()
void StepMacro ()
 Command step-macro
IEnumerator RetimeMacro (KeyboardMacro macro, string newMacroName)
 Command retime-macro
void NameLastMacro ([Prompt("Name for last macro: ")] string name)
 Command : Name the last macro as a new command. More...
void ShowMacros ()
 Command show-macros: Show macros in a buffer. More...

Public Attributes

bool temporalMacros = false
 Variable temporal-macros: Play macros at the same speed they were recorded?