Help commands in the inspector

Interrogate the running system about its commands and variables.

HelpCommands is an integrated help system for Minibuffer.

One can see

  1. what commands are available,
  2. what variables are defined,
  3. what key bindings are set,
  4. find out what a key is bound to,
  5. show history,
  6. show the license,
  7. show a tutorial,
  8. or show the readme.

Public Member Functions

void DescribeVariable ([Prompt("Describe variable: ", completions=new string[]{"*all*","*user*"}, completer ="variable")] string name)
 Command describe-variable: Show type, class, and description for a variable. More...
void DescribeGroups ()
 Command describe-groups
void DescribeUserBindings ([UniversalArgument] bool hideDisabled, string prefix=null)
 Command describe-user-bindings: Show key bindings (C-u to hide disabled keymaps)
void DescribeBindings ([UniversalArgument] bool hideDisabled, string prefix=null, Func< CommandInfo, bool > whereClause=null)
 Command describe-bindings: Show key bindings (C-u to hide disabled keymaps)
void DescribeBindingsByPrefix ([UniversalArgument] bool hideDisabled)
 Command describe-bindings-by-prefix: Show key bindings by prefix
void DescribeFunction ([Prompt("Describe command: ", completions=new string[]{"*all*","*user*"}, completer="command")] string command)
 Command describe-command: Show method, class, and keybindings for command. More...
void DescribeHistory ()
 Command describe-history: Show all the histories
void DescribeCommands ([UniversalArgument] bool userOnly)
 Command describe-commands: Show all the commands organized by class
void DescribeCompleters ()
 Command describe-completers: Show all the completers
void HelpForHelp ()
 Command help-for-help: Show the master help page
void DescribeLicense ()
 Command describe-license: Show the license for minibuffer
void HelpWithTutorial ()
 Command help-with-tutorial: Show the tutorial
void DescribeKey ([Prompt("Describe key: ", filler="keybinding", requireMatch=false)] string key)
 Command describe-key: Reports what command is run for a key sequence
void DisplayUniversalArgument ([UniversalArgument] int prefix, [UniversalArgument] bool boolPrefix)
 Command display-universal-argument: Displays the universal-argument as integer and bool. More...