Name a group for the following commands and variables.

Commands and variables are grouped typically by the class in which they're defined. The group name is typically derived from the class name. However, if you want override that group name, you may use this attribute.

For instance, the class HelpCommands places its commands and variables in the group "help" rather than the default "help-commands".

public class HelpCommands : MonoBehaviour { ... }

Individual commands may opt-in to a group that are not where they're defined. For instance the command "self-insert-command" is defined in Minibuffer, but it makes more logical sense as part of the "editing" group, so the command places itself there.

description = "Insert the character that provoked this command.",
group = "editing")]
public void SelfInsertCommand() { ... }

Public Member Functions

 Group ()
 If no name is given, it'll be derived from the class name. More...
 Group (string name)
 Give group name. More...

Public Attributes

string name
 Name of the group. More...
string description
 May set the description. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Group ( )

If no name is given, it'll be derived from the class name.

Group ( string  name)

Give group name.

Member Data Documentation

string name

Name of the group.

string description

May set the description.