ResourceCompleter< T >


Tab complete any Unity resource type.

Works with the following classes: AnimationClip, AudioClip, Font, GUISkin, Material, Mesh, PhysicMaterial, Shader, Sprite, Texture, GameObject, Component, and more.

These completers will be generated dynamically when any UnityEngine.Object is requested. Meaning you can complete any scripts that inherit from MonoBehaviour without any setup.

If multiple completion objects share the same name, it will append a distinguishing number to the others; however, there is no guarantee of order.

Public Member Functions

 ResourceCompleter ()
 Provide the Unity type you wish to complete. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ICompleter
IEnumerable< string > Complete (string input)
 Return a list of matching strings for the given input. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Provide the Unity type you wish to complete.

Uses Resources.FindObjectsOfTypeAll() behind the scenes. Works with user created scripts too!