I released GraphCraft to the Unity Asset Store this week! To prepare for that, wrote up some docs, and I made a video. Not like one of my usual videos which are a couple minutes. No, I took some advice that suggested 30 seconds. Thirty seconds is crazy to me! Conceiving of a 30 second video to show what GraphCraft does was challenging, but hopefully it works.

In other news I built a Planck Keyboard. This is a 40% keyboard. My daily driver has been a Poker II, which is a 60% keyboard meaning that it has no numpad, no arrow keys, no function keys. Most of those keys are still accessible. For instance the F1 key is produced by hitting the Fn key and 1. The 40% keyboard goes even further and has no dedicated number keys. The compact keyboard keeps your fingers close to home row though.

One of the most tantalizing aspects of building my own keyboard was getting to write the firmware! This allows you to make up your own layout without any restrictions or limitations. Here are a few layouts for the Planck keyboard. I made my own layout. The space-bar keyboard swap code is available on my tmk_keyboard fork on github. I also cleaned up the codebase so it doesn’t rely on gh60 anymore. It has its own directory since it’s its own keyboard. I have been experiencing a little analysis paralysis having the freedom to change the keyboard layout. Little annoyances leave me considering, “What if I changed to layout to fix that? But that would make this part more annoying….” With great freedom comes great urges to use that freedom.

So I released something virtual! And I made something physical! Shane does it all now!

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