Zev Averbach organized this Tech Show and Tell in association with Vermont Coders Connection on December 11th, 2015. A video was recorded, and I did some incomplete live tweeting. If someone else has a tweet for the presenters I missed, tag me @shanecelis. Speaking of which, we need a hashtag for these events. Maybe #showandtellvt?

Andrea Suozzo wrote an article on the Tech Show and Tell for Vermont Tech Jam.

Come see, hear, show and tell the awesome things Vermonters are building in tech. Software, hardware, data, biotech, energy: We know things are happening in these areas but often only at launch/funding/acquisition or via word of mouth.

No longer! Via a series of lightning talks, we’ll learn what projects and technologies people from across tech are most excited about. Pizza will be provided by Generator, and we’ll meet and greet after an hour of talks.

Lightning Talks (6:15pm-7:15pm, five minutes each)


Uwe Heiss, Zeebo


Evidence that placebos work even in the absence of deception is a profound discovery. Zeebo is the world’s first branded placebo, and is meant to help patients and clinicians become more aware of placebo versus other treatment effects.

Andy Reagan, UVM and Quokka Labs


Quokka Labs is a sentiment analysis company with a research proven ability to go beyond scores and provide insights with proprietary visualizations. Quokka Labs can find the story in your data.

Brian Waters, UVM


The Internet of Things is quickly catching on, but it won’t come without its fair share of security problems. In this talk I’ll show you what types of things to look out for as we hack into an IoT security camera in under 300 seconds.

Tristan Davies, Faraday


Making web pages that share data with each other using BitTorrent.

Bradley Holt, IBM Cloud Data Services


Learn how Developer Advocates at IBM used our own services to build a tool that tracks deployments of our sample apps to IBM Bluemix and how we analyze this data.

Julie Lerman, Microsoft MVP and The Data Farm


Did you know that Microsoft is now creating cross platform open-source developer tools? A decade’s long Windows platform developer, Julie will show you the fun she’s having coding client and server side JavaScript on her first ever Mac using MS’s Visual Studio Code in OS X.

Shane Celis, Seawisp Hunter and Vermont Game Developers


The magic of fiction. A personal story of taking a tech demo from technically interesting to magical. Story includes infrared sensors and magic wands. (I did a little fine tuning to put the slides into this talk for Mockup Monday #48 and added a little more backstory.)

Sara Simon, Vermont Public Radio


Do all news stories need reporters? How do reporters even find stories to report? Learn about the Twitter bot army that VPR has been building to not only get stories, but to get them out fast.

Mark Ibrahim, UVM and Burlington Python


Wikipedia is not just a source of information, but a network of ideas. We algorithmically parsed all 4.7 million articles to construct a map of Wikipedia’s First Link Network.

Nick Husher, Faraday


If you build “single-page” webapps your experience is often something like this: Make change, reload, manipulate the app back to the part of it you’re working on, make another change, reload, etc. Figwheel lets you change the behavior or state of your application without reloading.

Eric Smith, Middlebury Interactive


Reverse Proxy Your App Into the Future - Do you feel locked into a rotting application or old technology? By shunting requests through a front-end web server, you can gradually move to better, more current technology choices.

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