Minibuffer Console is available on the Unity Asset Store.

Minibuffer is a developer console for Unity. It is designed to help developers and testers exercise their game in the multitude of ways that making a game requires. It does this by allowing one to define interactive commands, variables, and key bindings for use at runtime. An input prompt—that is, a minibuffer—offers tab completion, history, groups, and annotations. Tab completion with type coercion and lookup avoids tedious string handling and returns the objects of interest. Interrogate Minibuffer at runtime to show its available commands, variables, and key bindings. Minibuffer delivers a consistent, discoverable, and extensible UI for developers and testers that is easy to integrate.


Core Features

  • Write and run commands
  • Input prompt
    • Tab completion
    • History
    • Type coercion and lookup
  • Bind keys to commands
  • Get and set variables
  • One window
    • Multiple buffers

Auxiliary Features


For more information please see Minibuffer’s documentation.


Example Games

The video and screenshots shown made use of these games which are freely available.

Tested Platforms

  • MacOS
  • Windows
  • WebGL Minibuffer may work on other platforms, but it has not been tested on them.

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