I went to IndieCade East last weekend with Charlie Hohn. Charlie and I put made a flyers for ourselves. I show some photos from the show and tell session for Quadrapus Sumo in the video above.

One of the standout pieces of technology to me was Google Cardboard that I saw being used by little wins. It turns your smart phone into a cheap, portable VR rig. I worry about the inaccessibility of building on a modestly-priced device like the Leap Motion, so this makes the prospect of building a VR application for a large audience not unthinkable.

I met the organizer of Maine Game Developers, Seth Pillsbury. He runs a game development group that meets once a month. I picked his brain because I’ve been considering starting my own group in Vermont. I intend on visiting to talk about developing for the Leap Motion and Quadrapus Sumo sometime soon.

There were a lot of excellent games. I’m just going to mention a few that stood out to me and why in no particular order.

IndieCade East was a good experience for me, and it’s cheap as far as conferences go. I would definitely recommend it to other independent game developers.

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