For this meetup we dive into the world of voice over with Sam Kurnit. Sam demystifies exactly how the voice over process works and answers a variety of questions. Questions like “Where do I find voice talent?” and “What should I look for in a voice actor?” and “Why should I even use voice actors?”

Sam is a professional actor and voice actor originally from New York. You can hear him in Wadjet Eye Games Technobabylon (and their upcoming game Shardlight) and Kreative Spills Norse Noir as well as a variety of commercials and silly internet videos. Check out his website for more information and delicious free samples, and feel free to like his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter to stay up to date.

  • Sam’s full talk. Watch. Here are the slides.

  • Sam performs the voice of Attack Giraffe for his fictional game Safari Fight! If you watch nothing else, let it be this clip. Watch.

  • Sam answers questions after the talk. Watch.

  • Show and tell (slot 1): Dain Reinhart shares his ideas for his next game Aesura. Watch.

  • Show and tell (slot 2): Thomas Bouffard shows off his game. Watch.

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